Spring Begins 🌷

"A turning of the page in Nature's book,
and the story of spring begins." 

Laura Jaworski

“A turning of the page in Nature’s book,
and the story of spring begins.”

Laura Jaworski


The Frog of Bugburry Pond, Frog Free Crochet Pattern by Laura Jaworski ðŸ¸ðŸ’–

My free crochet pattern for the character Frog from The Frog of Bugburry Pond: Winter in Bugburry is now available! This project stands approximately 8.5 inches tall and is suitable for all crocheters. Head over to www.laurajaworski.com for the pattern (on both the blog & free crochet patterns page). If you post pictures of Frog, please hashtag #laurajaworski & tag me @bugburrypond so I can see & share your work.

This pattern is based on the magical illustrations of Yui Kajita.  

Happy crocheting & happy reading! 🐸💖