Now Is the Time for Quiet Wonder by Laura Jaworski ✨ 

“Now is the time for quiet wonderLit by the luster of candleglowFor all the world is in silent slumberTucked in a blanket of silken snow Now is the time for soft reflectionLulled by the song of a crackling hearthFor heaven’s light in its sweet perfectionHas lent itself to clothe the earth.” Laura Jaworski

The Frog of Bugburry Pond: Winter in Bugburry by Laura Jaworski, Illustrated by Yui Kajita 💕

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my 10th children’s book and the first in a new chapter book series, The Frog of Bugburry Pond: Winter in Bugburry! This series was written well over a decade ago and was waiting patiently for the perfect illustrator, someone I’m so excited to have found in the lovely […]

Christmastime Is Here by Laura Jaworski 🎄

“The world is frosted merrilyThe holly wreaths are hungA fire is crackling in the hearthWith stockings strewn among So hang your smiles and raise your glassTo all whom you hold dearOur hearts are filled with joyful praiseFor Christmastime is here!” Laura Jaworski

The Magic of December by Laura Jaworski ❄️

“Frost upon a windowpaneand gently falling snowWarmth beside a crackling firewhile biting north winds blow Books and blankets, steaming teaThe soft glow of an emberCandlelight and cozy nights ~The magic of December.” Laura Jaworski