The Magic of December β›„

“Frost upon a windowpaneand softly falling snow,Warmth beside a crackling firewhile biting north winds blow Books and blankets, steaming teaThe soft glow of an emberCandlelight and cozy nights ~The magic of December.” Laura Jaworskiβ›„

The Eternal Goodness of Soul βœ¨

“Today,There is peace to be found in the most beautiful of things:The sound of birdcall,A soft breeze,Color,Laughter,Kindness,And the eternal goodness of Soul.” Laura Jaworski 76 Quotes About Light, Love, & the Spiritual Journey

76 Quotes About Light, Love, & the Spiritual Journey βœ¨

β€œMeditation is a slow melt into Love.” Laura Jaworski “Your every word,Your every thought,Your every intention is a gift to the world.” Laura Jaworski “Love is at onceThe new shore and the known,The journey and the home.” Laura Jaworski “Speak peace,and peace is born.” Laura Jaworski “Within:A gentle peace,A still that is sown,A Light of […]