Happy Little Honeybee by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) 🌼🐝

“Happy little honeybee
Drifting through the blooms
The summer day has come and gone
The night will be here soon

Have you a home in which to sleep
To rest your little head?
Or will a cozy flower do
Within the garden bed.”

Laura Jaworski

Freedom Calls by Laura Jaworski ✨

“We are bound by naught but love
And love, in essence, knows no chain
It seeks no rung on which to climb
Nor accolade to gain

We are bound by naught, and so
We souls are free, and freedom calls
And this, our great and noble truth
Is deeply felt by all.”

Laura Jaworski

The Little Bee Free Crochet Pattern by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) 🐝💖

The Little Bee Free Crochet Pattern by Laura Jaworski.

Now Is the Time for Quiet Wonder by Laura Jaworski ✨ 

“Now is the time for quiet wonderLit by the luster of candleglowFor all the world is in silent slumberTucked in a blanket of silken snow Now is the time for soft reflectionLulled by the song of a crackling hearthFor heaven’s light in its sweet perfectionHas lent itself to clothe the earth.” Laura Jaworski

Christmastime Is Here by Laura Jaworski 🎄

“The world is frosted merrilyThe holly wreaths are hungA fire is crackling in the hearthWith stockings strewn among So hang your smiles and raise your glassTo all whom you hold dearOur hearts are filled with joyful praiseFor Christmastime is here!” Laura Jaworski