Ode to a Mushroom by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) 🍄

Ode to a Mushroom 🍄 For a pixie who’s caught in a late summer stormand would dearly like an umbrella—For a gnome who’s trudged through the wood all nightand could use a soft bed, poor fella—For a squirrel with a book, who would like a soft seatin a warm beam of sunshine, to read—Or a […]

Autumntime is Here 🍂

“The squirrels collect their nuts
The leaves take to the skies
We welcome bright, crisp evenings
And wave the warmth goodbye

The breeze begins to nip
The caps and scarves appear
How magical the world becomes
When autumntime is here!”

Laura Jaworski 🍂

There Is Beauty in This Moment 💕

“There is beauty in this momentThere is wonder in this dayThere is truth in life eternalAnd a light to guide the way There is goodness all around usThere is joy in each sweet soulThere is love in every fragmentAnd each fragment makes the whole.” Laura Jaworski 76 Quotes About Light, Love, & the Spiritual Journey ✨

Welcome, Spring 🌼

“Spring has come to wake the earthFrom Winter’s slumber, long and deepTo coax the merry flowers to bloomBring warmth to air and green to leaf All about the earth is changingRoused by Mother Nature’s callThe rivers flow, the breeze turns sweetThe nights grow short, the days grow tall Welcome Spring, in all your splendorDressed in […]

Mr. Gnome’s Kitchen by Laura Jaworski 🍄

Up the steps into his treehouse
What a cozy little home
Roaring fire, tea and crumpets
Simply perfect for a gnome!”

Mr. Gnome’s Home by Laura Jaworski