Think Lovely Thoughts…

I was completely obsessed with the 1954 Mary Martin musical of Peter Pan as a kid. It was right up there with Anne of Green Gables and The Little Mermaid, so it’s a *tad* strange that I am only now reading the book. As an adult, Neverland appealed less to me (perhaps Hook had something […]

What is Creativity?

Over the past two years I have had a number of eye-opening experiences regarding creativity. When I first began writing with the intent of publishing, I focussed solely on poetry. Then one morning, following an early walk with my dog, something peculiar happened. The idea for a chapter book began filtering into my mind; unraveling […]

Character Creation

Before I begin a long writing project (novelette onwards) I spend a good deal of time taking notes, most of which deal with plot lines, twists, and object detail. I enjoy creating new creatures and (hopefully) intriguing characters, but I don’t spend altogether too much time delving into what makes each character tick. While I […]