Now Is the Time for Quiet Wonder by Laura Jaworski ✨ 

“Now is the time for quiet wonderLit by the luster of candleglowFor all the world is in silent slumberTucked in a blanket of silken snow Now is the time for soft reflectionLulled by the song of a crackling hearthFor heaven’s light in its sweet perfectionHas lent itself to clothe the earth.” Laura Jaworski

The Frog of Bugburry Pond: Winter in Bugburry by Laura Jaworski, Illustrated by Yui Kajita 💕

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my 10th children’s book and the first in a new chapter book series, The Frog of Bugburry Pond: Winter in Bugburry! This series was written well over a decade ago and was waiting patiently for the perfect illustrator, someone I’m so excited to have found in the lovely […]

What is the Magic of an Autumn Day? by Laura Jaworski

“What is the magic of an autumn day?I do not know, I cannot sayBut does a woodland set aglowNot stir the longings of the soul? What is the magic of a winter snow?I cannot say, I do not knowBut does a landscape dressed in frillNot speak of something greater still?” Laura Jaworski

Nature’s Beauty 🍂

“Autumn reaches past its bloomA cold November afternoonThe trees stand bare against the skyA solitary leaf floats by The earth has changed, and changed againFrom summer’s green to autumn’s redAnd soon the wood will sink beneathA swath of white, a winter sheathe How beautifully each day is madeEach sunbeam cast and setting laidBy what great […]

Snowman Waiting for the Snow Free Crochet Pattern by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) ⛄

This snowman stands approximately 6 inches tall and is suitable for all crocheters. I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you post pictures, please hashtag #laurajaworski so I can share your creations. Happy crocheting & happy winter!