The Little Gnome Free Crochet Pattern by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) 🍄

This little gnome is a companion piece for the crochet cottage patterns that I currently have available, as well as all of my upcoming cottages. I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you post pictures, please hashtag #laurajaworski so I can share your creations. Happy crocheting! The Little Gnome Free Crochet Pattern available here.

Ode to a Mushroom by Laura Jaworski (@bugburrypond) 🍄

Ode to a Mushroom 🍄 For a pixie who’s caught in a late summer stormand would dearly like an umbrella—For a gnome who’s trudged through the wood all nightand could use a soft bed, poor fella—For a squirrel with a book, who would like a soft seatin a warm beam of sunshine, to read—Or a […]