Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn, everyone! I’ve been waiting all year and it has finally arrived! The leaves are *just* starting to turn, the evenings are crisp, and the hot chocolate cravings have begun… pure magic. I can’t wait to carve pumpkins, dress my poor dog in a terrible Halloween costume, and hear the shuffle of leaves underfoot. […]


You’re sitting in a field holding a bunch of colorful balloons. You look down and notice that the end of each balloon string is attached to something you own. A painting, a chair, a stack of old love letters. Little boxes labeled fear, anger, and days gone by. On and on and on; so many […]

The Eternal Power Of Love

This week I came across five journals that I wrote a decade ago while living in Warsaw. I was going through a rather poetic phase and drew a good deal of inspiration from the city, my travels, and relationships. I enjoyed reading through the musings of my young, searching heart, and it occurred to me […]