The Loveliness of Trees 🍂

“Orange in the autumntimeBlossoms in the springShelter for the animalsA perch for birds to sing Stalwart in the colder monthsIn warmth, a rustling seaIs there anything in all the worldMore lovely than a tree?” 🍂 Laura Jaworski 🍂

26 Fall Quotes to Celebrate the Beauty of the Season 🍂

“The leaves are changing; I feel poetry in the air.” Laura Jaworski🍂 “Softly, green gives way to goldThe summer warmth gives way to coldAnd autumn winds begin to blowAcross the changing earth.” Laura Jaworski🍂 “Autumn is the time when Nature takes her watercolor to the trees.”Laura Jaworski🍂 “An autumn breeze,a string of words,a star-filled sky—all […]