You’re sitting in a field holding a bunch of colorful balloons. You look down and notice that the end of each balloon string is attached to something you own. A painting, a chair, a stack of old love letters. Little boxes labeled fear, anger, and days gone by. On and on and on; so many things, so many strings. You feel happy sitting here among your possessions.

Still, something is missing.

There is a lovely breeze, and a ray of sunlight peeking out from behind a cloud catches your eye. You look up and marvel at the sight. A bird soars across the sky, and as you watch, you begin to yearn for the same sense of freedom.

You look down at your things and notice a pair of scissors. You pick them up and cut through the string attached to a stack of books. Letting go of the weight pulls you up slightly.

One by one you cut through the strings, and with each snip you feel lighter and more alive.

There is only one attached string now, and it is clinging to your most prized possession; ego. You are holding the balloons in one hand, and you are standing on your tiptoes. You feel uncertain.

Finally, you reach out and snip the last string, allowing the scissors to fall to the ground. You begin to rise up through the air, higher and higher, watching the world unfold.

Your heart feels lighter and you forget about the things you’ve left behind.

You’re soaring through the clouds now.

You are free.


8 thoughts on “Freedom

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