The Eternal Power Of Love

This week I came across five journals that I wrote a decade ago while living in Warsaw. I was going through a rather poetic phase and drew a good deal of inspiration from the city, my travels, and relationships. I enjoyed reading through the musings of my young, searching heart, and it occurred to me that it would be nice to share. So without further ado, my first entry:

The Eternal Power of Love

“There are times in life when your heart feels completely and utterly broken, as if it’s been shattered into a million infinitesimal pieces that are forever beyond repair. It is a dark and deep feeling, and leaves you unable to see beyond the void.

And then one day, something happens. You meet someone, and things begin to change. Without your even realizing it, each and every piece of that broken heart is swept up into the soft flow of a stream; carried along in a light, peaceful current. You begin to feel a slight pang here and there that is the rebuilding of your heart; the remaking of your smile. And before you know it, each and every piece of that broken heart has been seamlessly drawn back to itself, and you are whole again.

This is the mighty and eternal power of Love.”

On a side note, could a decade really have gone by so fast? Where does the time go…


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