Writer’s Wall

I’ve been writing since I was a child; stories, journal entries, poetry… the usual. It wasn’t until two years ago, however, that I began writing with the intent to publish. And while it has been a wonderful experience overall, the fear of writer’s block was ever-present.

So two years in, and I finally experienced prolonged writer’s block for the first time. I was mid-way through my second novel and I found myself completely stumped by a character. A wizard, to be precise. I had him outlined before I began writing. I had a visual, I heard his voice, I even wrote out one of his songs.

When I outlined the book the narrator had a light, snarky tone, but once I began writing, it became grittier and more true to life.Β All of the characters organically shifted into the new tone save one. The dang wizard.

And so I experienced that strange thing called writer’s block. In my case it was more like writer’s wall… It felt as if a barricade had been constructed in my head, and I couldn’t see above or around it; couldn’t visualize or see any concrete (no pun intended…) detail when it came to this blasted wizard. Not to mention it lasted for weeks!

The thing is, I’m glad I experienced it, because I found out that it’s not something to fear. It’s not absolute. It’s a passing thing, and while irritating, it ultimately gave my mind enough time to puzzle through and figure out the right character.

So onward I go…

Have you ever experienced something similar?



2 thoughts on “Writer’s Wall

  1. Absolutely! What a terrible feeling. It’s almost frightening. Like you said, it certainly is not absolute but boy, does it feel permanent when it happens!

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