Learning to Enjoy the Process

I sometimes find it difficult to slow down and enjoy the writing process.

While working on my first novel, I was so intent on knocking out a draft that I barely gave myself time to breathe. The end result was a mess. So much so, in fact, that I would almost rather rewrite the book in its entirety than tackle editing.

Part of what cracked the mental whip was wanting to prove to myself that I could write such a long work. Excitement about the story and the characters probably had a hand in it too.

So now here I am with quite a few more books under my belt, and beginning a brand spanking new fantasy novelette… Or novel, depending on how long I ramble πŸ˜‰ I still find myself feeling rushed at times; wanting to skip through scenes without fully exploring the characters’ reactions and goings on in the world. But for the most part, the whip is no longer being cracked. I’m taking my time, comfortably allowing the story to unravel, and editing as I go. What’s more, I have a friend reading every newly written chapter to me… Something I have found invaluable.

Live and learn. I now know it’s better to patiently work my way through a book rather than rush and leave myself with an editing nightmare.

And really, what’s the hurry?



One thought on “Learning to Enjoy the Process

  1. Learning to love the writing process is fundamental. Writing always remains torturous and anxious in some ways, even for successful authors. The only reward for writing is the process itself.

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