Dogs Are Funny

My dog’s name is Ivy & she’s an English Springer Spaniel. She was originally a family dog that we adopted six years ago in England. Since then, with my parents and siblings moving quite a bit, she has come to live with me.

She has a number of shall we say… strange… tendencies, and sharing her toys is one of them.

If you take a shower, you will find a stuffed animal beside the tub when you are through. No Ivy, mind you… Just the stuffed animal.

If you close your door, you will find a toy in front of it when you open it again. No Ivy… Just the toy.

And if you decide you’d like to put your shoes on, there’s a good chance you will have to remove a stuffed giraffe or kong ball first.

I present le evidence:




I present le Ivy:

Ivy Madrid

It’s impossible not to smile when she’s around.

What sort of quirky things do your furry friends do?

2 thoughts on “Dogs Are Funny

  1. That is adorable! We have a Eye Seeing Dog, called flame. She is gorgeous and has a few of her own strange habits.. lol We call her hoover snout, because she really likes to clean up off the floor after every one has finished at the table! I would like to say we aren’t that messy.. but kids yanno!..

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Lou

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